@wearetado × @togetherplus Industries × Hot Toys’s “Star Wars Chubbies, Series 1”… Packaged & Ready?!?

NEW POST: You might recall the previously announced “Star Wars Chubbies, Series 1” line… Designed by TADO, these officially licensed Star Wars figures are being produced by @togetherplus Industries and Hot Toys. With a bit of matryoshka (or nesting) doll feel, due to the varying sizes, it appears that the above packaging design is approved and the pieces will be “shipping later this year.” We can’t wait to see these kinda chibi versions in-person! http://dlvr.it/638tS8

Wetworks’s “when I grow up” reveals that, in the Star Wars universe, kids dress up as tie fighter pilots!

NEW POST: A completely custom creation from the artist Wetworks, formerly known as wwwetworks, shows that — in the Star Wars universe — a kid might want to grow up just like his dad, becoming a tie fighter pilot. This commission piece, perfectly timed for Father’s Day, is titled “when I grow up” and it depicts “a young son of a tie fighter pilot that dreams to be a real pilot someday, but for now he borrows his Dad’s gear and a custom made tie fighter box to roam his galaxy.” Per usual, Wetworks’s skills and construction are perfection! While this fantastic piece is already spoken for, you can always contact the artist about a commission of your own! http://dlvr.it/5x9FDK

Wanna crawl inside a Tauntaun like in Star Wars? @super7store’s limited edition screen print will show you how!

NEW POST: Okay, so this screen print from @super7store doesn’t actually show you how to crawl inside a Tauntaun, but that should be the easy part… no, this silkscreened beauty shows you precisely where to cut the beast! Part of @super7store’s officially licensed line of Star Wars merchandise, this brilliant “Tauntaun Cuts” print consists of white, black, and grey with metallic silver flake inks silkscreened on 16″×20″ heavy archival stock. Limited to an edition of 200 hand-numbered pieces, these will be available on June 1st, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time in the @super7store online shop for $50 apiece. http://dlvr.it/5qh8bq

@NathanHamill ‘s Star Wars inspired “My Father, My Lord” Giclée Print Coming Soon!

NEW POST: @NathanHamill is unleashing the above pictured “My Father, My Lord” giclée print in an open edition, though it will be available only for one week’s time! The 25”×12” Star Wars inspired piece is printed on Moab Entrada Cotton Rag 300 GSM Stock and will appear in Hamill’s online shop on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time, remaining available at a mere $35 price until May 30th, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time… at which point it will no longer be available at all! http://dlvr.it/5ks07j

Fear and Loathing… in Star Wars!!!

NEW POST: “May The 4th Be With You” - A Star Wars bootleg celebration 2014: “Fear and Loathing In A Galaxy Far, Far Away….” resin designer toy art bootleg! From DLL Custom Creation, this edition of 4 blister packs on 6.5” x 8” backer boards all have epic glow-in-the-dark capabilities and range from various pieces. They feature removable magnets and trading card mini-bootlegs with a gloss lacquer finish… each comes signed and numbered for only $25 a pop! Even thought he figures are not the best quality, you gotta just love the premise behind this… very charming! Go grab a set HERE! http://dlvr.it/5ZtCss

@umetoys’s “Barney the Wookiee” limited resin figure for Star Wars Day!

NEW POST: Rich “@umetoys" Page has hand-sculpted, cast, and painted these exquisite "Barney the Wookiee" figures and, we’re told, Barney has "his sights set firmly on following his uncle’s footsteps and flying the Naboo duckling!" Standing just over 3-inches tall, these resin objets d’art are limited to an edition of 20 signed & numbered pieces worldwide! Packaged in a bag with header card, also included is a signed collectors card… and, of course, these will be available on Star Wars Day (Sunday, May the 4th, 2014) at 12 NOON Pacific time in the @umetoys online shop for £35 (approx. $59) apiece. http://dlvr.it/5ShsVH

@umetoys “Jeremy the Jawa” pre-order with special ‘loved up’ edition incentive!

NEW POST: Ohhhhh, UME!!!!!! “Jeremy the Jawa” resin figure pre-order starts Friday the 14th of February 2014 at 12Noon PST for a limited time - and because it’s a special day, Rich over at @umetoys is making this pre-order a VERY special one. If you adopt a Jeremy (for around $50 a pop) within the pre-order window you will be automatically entered into his ‘Valentines’ prize draw with the chance to win a special one-off custom ‘loved up’ edition of Jeremy in pink and red… CUTE! Head on over HERE at the above date and time! http://dlvr.it/4tH13q

Star Wars Fans Rejoice: @umetoys’s “Jeremy” sure looks like a Jawa to me!

NEW POST: Rich “@umetoys" Page recently revisited one of his previously sculpted figures, Jeremy, and redesigned him to be in-line with the "GeekWok" release… Pictured above is the header card line drawing of "Jeremy" while below is the new sculpt, both of which might make Star Wars fans think of the short Jawas of Tatooine… except, this time, he’s not going to be scavenging for technology, he’ll be after your heart. At this point very little is known about this upcoming release, aside from the fact that "his eyes will be cast in clear yellow resin with a GID powder." Follow Rich Page on Twitter for more up-to-date information on this roughly 3-inch tall resin release.

The Geekiest Ewok on Endor Returns: @umetoys’s “GeekWok (Green Edition)” Coming Soon!

NEW POST: After the previously announced first edition of the “GeekWok” figure sold out in minutes, Rich “@umetoys" Page took pity on those of us who missed it and will be releasing a second colorway, the Green Edition. Sporting a green hood reminiscent of his home on Endor, this little 3-inch tall chap is sure to please! Limited to an edition of only 20 pieces, they will be available on January 10th, 2014 at 1PM Pacific time in the @umetoys online shop for £32 (approx. $53) apiece. http://dlvr.it/4gH7cw

@wearetado × @togetherplus Industries × Hot Toys’s “Star Wars Chubbies, Series 1” Painted Prototype Chewbacca Set!

NEW POST: The other day, when we revealed the prototypes of the officially licensed “Star Wars Chubbies, Series 1” line, we were sadly missing the fifth and final set’s reveal: the Chewbacca-centric one. Pictured above, we can now see these @wearetado designed pieces that are being produced by @togetherplus Industries and Hot Toys in the near future. On display at this past weekend’s Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair, this set includes not only Chewbacca but also Han Solo and Greedo! Needless to say, we can’t wait for this series to come out! http://dlvr.it/4fvT0q

@wearetado × @togetherplus Industries × Hot Toys’s “Star Wars Chubbies, Series 1” Painted Prototype Figures!

NEW POST: After almost a year of silence on the matter, the previously announced & officially licensed “Star Wars Chubbies, Series 1” line was spotted on display at this past weekend’s Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair. Designed by @wearetado, these adorable pieces are being produced by @togetherplus Industries and Hot Toys in a series of sets, each comprised of three figures of differing sizes. These are merely painted prototypes and still a work in progress, but we were able to locate detail shots of four of the five sets, missing the Chewbacca-centric one sadly…
Above left is the C-3PO set, which has the large protocol droid figure accompanied by his nearly constant companion, the astromech droid R2D2, as well as a scavenging Jawa, notable for initially selling the pair of droids to Luke’s family at the beginning of A New Hope. Above right we find a trio of Jedi in the Yoda set, the revered staff-wielding master paired with Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Above left is the bounty hunter set, featuring fan favorite Boba Fett as well as Bossk and Zuckuss. And finally, above right, we have the Jabba the Hutt set, which packs the crime lord’s majordomo, Bib Fortuna, and court jester, Salacious B. Crumb, with him. http://dlvr.it/4f71Kx

UmeToys Star Wars inspired “GeekWok”… up for grabs right now!

NEW POST: Say hello to GeekWok, the cutest nerd this side of Endor. Created by Rich over at @umetoys, this figure stands a hairy 3” tall this little chap is cast resin, hand painted, signed and numbered on the base. This will be shipping in a custom header carded bag along with a collectors card for authenticity… and tonight’s the night for the release - December 27th, 2013!!! Head on over HERE right now to snag one up!!! http://dlvr.it/4bGN9r

"GeekWok" from UmeToys… yup, this is rad!

NEW POST: Say hello to GeekWok, the cutest nerd this side of Endor. Created by Rich over at @umetoys, this figure stands a hairy 3” tall this little chap is cast resin, hand painted, signed and numbered on the base. This will be shipping in a custom header carded bag along with a collectors card for authenticity. Keep your eyes peeled HERE and your Xmas cash at the ready on Friday, December 27th for his debut release. There will be only 20 “Geekwoks” up for grabs… so be prepared! http://dlvr.it/4TSJGk

@alexpardee’s “Blue” BUNNYWITH Affinity for Slave Women… a @tenacioustoys exclusive release!

NEW POST: Introducing the latest @tenacioustoys exclusive… a limited-edition “BLUE” colorway of @alexpardee’s BUNNYWITH “Affinity for Slave Women” figure. sitting at 4” long, this space slug comes bagged with header card and is limited to just 100 pieces! The Tenacious Blue BUNNYWITH will drop on Friday November 1st at 9AM EST in the @tenacioustoys exclusives section HERE for just $12. http://dlvr.it/4F4NkV

Fools Paradise “K2-D2” Star Wars inspired resin art multiple!

NEW POST: Fools Paradise are on a roll with their releases… and they have just announced a brand new figure dubbed “K2-D2”… an obvious homage… er’, kinda… to the Star Wars ‘R2-D2’ character. These are up for pre-order HERE right now for $239 a piece, and that includes shipping. This polystone resin figure sits about 7” tall and about 11” long and features a very scantily clad (NSFW) female figure with R2-D2 like appendages. Each on is made to order, so you know you are getting a true work of art… and for those of you who are unfamiliar with this piece, and wonder why we are not showing it off in its entirety… hit the jump for the full, NSFW, photo!