Is @lukechueh part of the Sket-One × Mighty Jaxx’s “Dripple” platform series?!?

NEW POST: In light of yesterday’s announcement that Mighty Jaxx's upcoming platform series would be an artist series of Sket-One's “Dripple” design, is it any wonder that you have to suspect @lukechueh will be part of the series when Mighty Jaxx post the above picture? The series, which will be financed through a Kickstarter campaign, already has confirmed designs by Sket-One, @huckgee, Jeremy “MAD” Madl, Andrew Bell, Shane Jessup & @kaNO in it, so adding Chueh would just be consistent with the amazing quality level of artists involved!

The Magical Moo Machine… QuailStudio’s “Cowly” Vinyl Toy — in DIY & painted editions — on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: QuailStudio makes it’s debut on Kickstarter, seeking to finance their brilliant “Cowly” vinyl toy. The adorable 4-inch tall figure not only captures cuteness — and cud chewing — but the patterns adorning the body are the traditional patterns from pre-schooler Shape Matching games… it’s nostalgic and fun-tastic! Available in a D.I.Y. Blank edition that you can paint yourself (only £12 apiece) as well as a variety of different painted colorways (from £15 on up apiece), this is one Kickstarter campaign you should check out carefully. I fear people will overlook this new voice’s design, which would be a true tragedy.

Bwana Spoons x Gravy Toys’s “The Suns of Brodarr: Lonny” Sofubi Figure Kickstarter!

NEW POST: Bwana Spoons's Gravy Toys returns to release the second “Suns of Brodarr” figure: “Lonny!” Begun last year to begin the series of soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) figures, Bwana is thrilled to bring his company to Kickstarter for this second release… With a bevy of fantastic reward tiers, make sure you note the Kickstarter exclusive glow-in-the-dark “Lonny” for only $44! Wow, this is a campaign you can’t help but back!

Evilos’s “The Rainy Day Antagonist” blank white DIY resin figure on Kickstarter now!

NEW POST: Evilos is looking to produce his first DIY resin figure, “The Rainy Day Antagonist,” which he’s hoping to fund through Kickstarter. With a bevy of fantastic reward tiers, a blank white copy of the 4-inch tall figure will only set you back a mere $30! So check out the Kickstarter campaign and help Evilos’s dream come true!

Like Stereotypes?!? Support Sam Fout’s “Dooshkinz: Hipster” Plush Figure on Kickstarter now!

NEW POST: Sam Fout & Shelby X. Hunt’s “Dooshkinz" line of plush toys is an obvious stereotype of some social clique with obnoxious characteristics that has been re-imagined into a 9-inch tall plush toy. The first entry into this series is the "Hipster," prototype pictured above, which Fout & Hunt are currently using Kickstarter to try and finance the production of. With his thick-rimmed glasses, floppy hat, overly kept facial hair, tattooed arms, Pabst Blue Ribbon can of beer, and single cigarette, the “Hipster” is… well… a hipster! Sound extremely un-politically correct to you? It is… as the motto reads: “Love them. Hate them. Collect them.” Back them on Kickstarter.

The Undead Presidents… Bicycle® Playing Cards with Political Figures as Zombies on the faces!

NEW POST: The “Undead Presidents” is the very first limited edition Bicycle® playing card deck released from SQUAREFACTOR, featuring the art of André “DRES13" Greppi. Depicting famed U.S. political figures — primarily presidents — in a zombified form on the face sides, these sweet looking cards need your help to exist… Currently available through a Kickstarter campaign, you can score a deck of these cards with a mere $12 with domestic shipping included! So head on over HERE and check out the goods!

Neo Fighter Toys’s “The Gruin” Japanese vinyl figure with customs by Max Toy Co, Topheroy & more!

NEW POST: Neo Fighter Toys, in association with Luke “Grody Shogun" Rook & Lulubell Toy Bodega, is proud to announce the brand new “The Gruin” Japanese vinyl (sofubi) figure. Standing roughly 9- to 10-inches tall, this faceless creature has three points of articulation (arms & waist) and is currently being financed through a Kickstarter campaign. A transparent purple vinyl version will run $75, coming with a set of five artist edition prints as well, though for $120 you’ll receive the Kickstarter Black Exclusive version as well! And, for those serious collectors, a very limited number of hand-painted pieces by Mark Nagata (of Max Toy Company), Topheroy, Monsterforge, and Joe Whiteford are also up for grabs! Check out the Kickstarter campaign and, should horned horrors be your thing, get some great deals while making this piece a reality!

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn! Monster Mind’s amazing “Baby Cthulhu” Resin Figure on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: Monster Mind Sculpts's Cassia Harries had a dream of the most adorable “Baby Cthulhu” that one could imagine, so she sculpted it and prepared it for casting in resin. And, as they say, if you build it, they will come… Her Kickstarter campaign to finance the release of “Baby Cthulhu” is over 400% funded after only a couple of days! But that doesn’t mean you can’t chip in, help out, and still get a cool reward tier! For $35 you’ll receive the stunning DIY blank version of the figure, but — if you want one of the hand-painted ones — you better hurry… they are disappearing faster than an Old One when the stars aren’t right! Check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE and enjoy the madness that ensues!

Acolorfulmonster Toys x Kenth Toy Works - “Zombitron” Kickstarter is now LIVE!!!

NEW POST: The time has finally come… the “Zombitron” Kickstarter has officially launched and is ready for all of YOU to help make this dream a reality for both Acolorfulmonster and Kenth Toy Works!!! With a ton of pledge levels still up for grabs, this project is already 1/3 funded… and seems to be gaining momentum! What is the funding for? Well, it’s to take this awesome looking figure from resin to vinyl… and once funded, they will have all kinds of vinyl releases for all you crazy kaiju kids. So head on over HERE right now, pick up some rad looking 1-off resin handpaints by both Acolorfulmonster and Kenth Toy Works as well as a white DIY version and in turn… fund this project!

Make a dream come true: Juan Muniz’s “Da Bunny Trail” art book + coloring book set on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: I’m quite smitten with Juan Muniz's adorable rabbit-suited “Felipe” character, so I'm thrilled that he's embracing Kickstarter to finance a two book set! Called “Da Bunny Trail,” each 50 page book will feature exclusive artwork to these releases… the first presented as an art book, the second — using the same art — presented as a coloring book. I love that Muniz’s art can be easily seen in both those lights and, for only $45, you can back this project and get both books… but for a mere $5 more, you can get them signed! Check out his Kickstarter and browse some amazing reward tiers!

"Kooky Creeps" from Matt Hawkins is up on Kickstarter… with only 1 day to go!

NEW POST: Kooky Creeps is a limited edition set of four pre-cut ready to assemble papercraft art masks. Designed by uber awesome paper artist Matt Hawkins, each set comes with all the pieces you’ll need to raise from the dead four spooky, kooky characters. Just add glue and your face! More than just an art print this is truly a collaborative art project that you bring to life. Each set will be packaged in a handsomely eerie coffin portfolio, signed and hand numbered by the artist. Kooky Creeps is a limited edition of 1000 sets after that they are gone for eternity. Each mask features an adjustable headband to fit all size of human skulls and a hanger in the back so they can be displayed on the walls of your haunt as well as your face. Each set will be shipped flat to avoid bending and folding… and you can get them and help make this project a reality HERE right now by backing it on Kickstarter! There is just 21 hours left to get to this goal… so head on over now… every little bit helps!

"Black Gold" level for ‘RIVALS: Set II’ on Kickstarter is now up for grabs!

NEW POST: With just 28 days to go from the date this is posted, the folks over at Wheelhouse Creative have funded just about half of their most recent Kickstarter project: “RIVALS: Set II”! You may remember our post HERE last week promoting this crowd funded event, and today they just announced a brand new, highly epic, new pledge level titled “Black Gold”! This new level includes everything from the “Aetherium” Level plus a signed limited edition Matte Black Cog and Box! Get it while it’s still available… there are only 10 of these up for grabs, so head on over HERE right now!

"Slump" a new vinyl toy platform!

NEW POST: Looking to make someones dream a reality and in turn bring a new vinyl figure to life?!?! Well, how about you make both your 2014 resolution and kick things off with this brand new crowd funded project entitled “Slump”! Artist Matthew Ray has been working on a new and unique figure and is looking to all of you for help to make it a reality! Posted up on Kickstarter HERE, you can help Matthew by pledging at various levels. His “Slump” figure is named perfectly for his odd posture, and according to Matthew, the final figure will have poseable arms and articulated head! Head on over HERE right now to make this happen!

Wheelhouse’s steampunkery returns with “Rivals: Set II” figures on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: After successfully funding their first two Rivals characters on their second try, James Hugo & Chase Layman of Wheelhouse are moving forward with Set II of the steampunk inspired, Squadt-esque figures. This wave, comprised of “Geoffrey ‘The Hammertoe’ Helmsworth” and “Brighton ‘The Bareknuckle,’” are loaded with the same great detail work and wonderful accessories as Set I was, though the pieces will be produced through Patch Together, which requires even more funding than the previous go. With a DIY figure being as affordable as $25 and the fully painted version being merely $30 apiece, check out this Kickstarter campaign now!

Menace Inc. Studios wants to open a Gallery & Designer Toy Store space… with YOUR help!

NEW POST: Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios has struck a deal with a coffee shop local to him (Common Grounds Coffee Shop, 602 South Elam Ave., Greensboro, NC 27403), through which he’ll be opening a Designer Toy store in the back of location’s space and run a lowbrow art gallery throughout. We’re told this would be the first dedication Designer Toy retail location in the area and, of course, we want to see it happen! Beck does need a bit of financial help with his start-up capital, enticing folks like you and me to help him out through a Kickstarter campaign that has reward tiers of art by local notables (such as those that would be shown in the gallery aspect). So check out the Kickstarter and help the industry continue to grow!