"Mayor4Crack" a Rob Ford Designer Art Toy created by Beck x @mindzai !!!

NEW POST: Whether you love him or hate him, you’ll want to celebrate the countless quotable follies of Rob Ford, Toronto’s most infamous mayor, with this collectible figure from cartoonist Rodger Beck… and thanks to the folks over at @mindzai , we now have this opportunity! Up on Kickstarter is this brand new crowd sourced campaign to get this figure made… and why would’t you want it?!?! This rotund fella has a multitude of tier levels to choose from… all of which fit into every budget. Each figure comes with interchangeable signs, as well as a wide array of colorways! Standing 5” tall, head on over HERE right now to help this project get funded… so that you too can have this bumbling buffoon adorn your desk! http://dlvr.it/6P4jvf

"Professor Farnsworth," from Futurama, comes to three-dimensional life by Dope Chief’s hand!

NEW POST: Canadian artist Dope Chief is tired of waiting for “Professor Farnsworth” to be officially released in @kidrobot’s Futurama line, having been sorely overlooked in both Series 1 and 2 of the 3-inch tall mini figure collections. So, to correctly this grievous oversight, Dope Chief has taken it upon himself to sculpt the good Professor’s head and customize the vinyl figures into a Farnsworthian form. An amazing undertaking and, simultaneously, a passionate appeal for the character’s future release, Dope Chief is running a Kickstarter campaign to finance an small edition of these hand-crafted customs. If you look below, at the raw head sculpt, it appears to be every bit as good as any production piece in the series, but — alas — the paint application (shown above) is more amateurish… which one can easily overlook if they are desperate to add this character to their collection. If nothing else, backing this Kickstarter might @kidrobot take notice of Professor Farnsworth and include him in Series 3!

Test shots of Bigshot Toyworkd ‘Little Maddie’ GID and ‘Spirit World’ Clear versions from the factory!!!

NEW POST: We just got some exclusive pics in straight from the factory of Bigshot Toyworks soon to be produced ‘Little Maddie’ figures that recently got funded via Kickstarter. As you can see, the ‘Spirit World’ Clear version above is looking really nice, and usually, with clear details in the sculpt are hard to see… but not this one! Also, pictured below is the ‘Little Maddie’ GID version… and she sure does glow, really good!!! More updates when they roll in, but you can keep in the know by hitting up the official site HERE!

@squidkidsink × SEGA’s “Mega-Bit” — Officially Licensed Sega Genesis Game Cartridge Figures!

NEW POST: In the next evolution of @squidkidsink's Retro Inspired Products (RIP), things have gotten serious. And by serious, I mean official… officially licensed, at least! Made in the approval and official license of SEGA, these brand new renditions of the “10-Doh!” concept are named “Mega-Bit,” modeled after the classic Sega Genesis game cartridge design. Standing 4½-inches tall and 7-inches wide, what really separates this new direction from the past is that they are able to place a variety of real game labels upon the releases! But, as you can imagine, all this is not cheap to do… so Squid Kids needs your help to make it happen! Having launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project, head over now and score one of these nostalgic pieces for only $35! http://dlvr.it/6CPS7l

Favoritoys’s official Frida Kahlo vinyl figures on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: The cofounder of Favoritoys, Luis, would make Frida Kahlo inspired sculptures for his wife on her birthday, as she was named after the famous Mexican painter. After repeatedly hearing “Where did you get these?” from visitors to their home, Luis embarked on trying to get the license to produce the designs as Art Toys. And permission is what he got, with the family feeling his simple designs captured the spirit and heart of the famed artist. Being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, you can snatch up of these roughly 2½-inch tall vinyl figures in one of four initial versions! http://dlvr.it/65Xbtk

Mujuworld’s brand new “Muju Magic Acorns” & “Muju Tree Spirit” resin figures are on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: With three initial colorways already planned — Clear Green, Woodland, and Rainbow editions, not to mention the blank white DIY — Mujuworld announce their newest figure: the “Muju Tree Spirit,” along with its “Muju Magic Acorn” accessories. Insisting on using the very expensive & environmentally friendly bioresin materials, Mujuworld need your help to make these new figures a reality: through their Kickstarter! Not only can you opt for the “Muju Tree Spirit” in a variety of colors, including a choose your own color unique cast for £55, but you can also get two of the “Muju Magic Acorns” for a mere £5! Filled with an amazing array of reward tiers, check out their Kickstarter now and support this duo’s unique voice!

Click Here To View The Kickstarter Campaign http://dlvr.it/61mGWX

Who knew tacos could be so deadly!?! Introducing “Lethal Taco” a new designer art figure from @mindzai !!!

NEW POST: I love cool projects and one that just popped up on our radar is cooler than cool… in fact, it incorporates passions of mine all wrapped up into one… Mexico, a Badass looking sculpt, and the folks over at @mindzai :-) So, without further ado, we bring you “LETHAL TACO”!!! What’s been in the works for 2 years now. Chris over at @mindzai teamed up with artists Oscar Mar and David Dick to create this Mexican Toy Masterpiece. “Lethal Taco is the most badass Taquero in the world! Not only does he pack a mean punch but he’s also known for his delicious world class tacos. His powerful meat cleaver skills and super fine tastebuds are a powerful combination. Quesadilla? No problem! Tacos Al Pastor? You got it! Lethal Taco makes em mild, medium and spicy all while keeping his cool. Señor Taco’s troublemaking sidekick, Meat, is well….a trouble maker with a potty mouth but he’s got a good heart and laughs in the face of danger. Together, they aim to keep the streets safe from evil and also serve the best tacos to everyone worldwide!” Releasing in 3 initial colorways, you can see the “OG”, “Day of the Dead”, and “Premium Cut” all look delicious, and in all reality, this is not a toy… but a designer vinyl art figure!

Standing at a massive 8” tall, this perfectly proportioned figure is ready to slice and dice his way into your collection, and seeing as it’s @mindzai ‘s very first production toy… they are ensuring nothing but quality from the ground up… this figure is awesome! They have chosen the Kickstarter route to help get this project funded and in the end produced, so it’s up to all of YOU to head on over HERE right now to make it a reality. http://dlvr.it/5tSlLT

The ‘Tentatrio Plush Pals’ need your help!

NEW POST: Tentatrio Plush Pals is a new project by inki-Drop designer Shelly Rodriguez. It features three kawaii-inspired sea creatures: Sweetoof the octopus, Ika the squid, and Jellyblub the jellyfish. Each plush measures 4” tall (excluding tentacles) and is made of super soft minky fur with finely embroidered details.
Their original $8500 goal was blown out of the water within 8 days of launching on May 5th. For the remainder of the campaign the project is focusing on a bonus plush reward: Starwhal the narwhal. This character is currently 30% funded; once this sweet cetacean is unlocked, all UBERTRIO reward tiers will include a bonus Starwhal plush & sticker set, and if you are absolutely in love with Starwhal, backers will be able to choose her as a separate tier as well. But they can’t reach the star(whal)s without you! So what are you waiting for… head on over HERE right now and pledge!!! http://dlvr.it/5l29Rz

Say you love someone with a monster… introducing ‘Expressalo’!!!

NEW POST: Have you ever needed a greeting card where, even though it says all the right things… well, it’s just not enough?!?! The folks over at Faustin Bros. have just the solution for you! Introducing ‘Expressalo’, the new generation of greeting cards. Created by famous animation artist Juan Faustin, Expressalo brings together the worlds of gifts, greeting cards and toys with their innovative new design. The “Greeting toys” come with messages for every occasion, with small, colorful and expressive 2.5” tall  PVC creature inside that brings a smile to anyone who receives them… and the best part, these are up on Kickstarter right now waiting for YOU to help make this project a reality!

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $95 and up and prizes include greeting toys for every occasion. Cards cover every occasion from love, birthday, sorry, friendship and thank you… and I don;t know about you guys, but greeting cards alone are super expensive in the store, so adding a few more $$$ to the equation and you get a 3D uber cute monster that not only says what you are feeling, but shows it as well! So what are you waiting for… head on over HERE right now to pledge! http://dlvr.it/5frvkW

@buffmonster’s “Rainbow” Kickstarter exclusive sofubi Mister Melty figures!!

NEW POST: Have you backed @buffmonster’s ‘The Melty Misfits: Series 2' Kickstarter campaign yet?!?! Well… now is your chance to not only help get this awesome trading card series made, but get some seriously dope exclusives along the way as well… just like those kickstarter-exclusive Mister Melty figures (original and zombie) that you see above! Transparent paint on clear vinyl, with a gloss coat… looking like candy!!! If you want one, they're $30 each. Just pledge to The Melty Misfits Series 2 campaign on Kickstarter and add $30 (or $60 for both) to your pledge. When it's over, he'll send out a survey and you can tell him which one you want. These are made to order…. and will not be sold after this crowd funding event, so head on over HERE now and snag both of these beauts up! http://dlvr.it/5dNQ9x

Angry Woebots to join the @MightyJaxx “Dripple” project?!?!

NEW POST: The folks over at @MightyJaxx are stoked to announce that not only has their ‘Dripple’ project been funded, but they have reached their first stretch goal (All backers above $300 will get a FREE Blank Dripple platform toy) and are onto their second… and that’s why we are posting this up! For $35k, they will have Angry Woebots join Dripple Series 1… what will he have in store for this design?!?! Well… head on over HERE, pledge, and find out!!! Let’s achieve that together! http://dlvr.it/5ZsNbG

Evilos’s “Rainy Day Antagonist” blank white DIY resin figure on Kickstarter… still has a few days left!!!

NEW POST: Even though the recent “Rainy Day Antagonist” crowd funded campaign from Evilos is fully funded and will see the light of day as a DIY resin figure, the bevy of fantastic reward tiers… it’s still in your best interest to head on over and get in on this action right now! So check out the Kickstarter campaign and help Evilos’s dream continue to grow! http://dlvr.it/5X3qr8

Simon Boses’s “TerraNauts” series of completely unique clay art toys on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: Simon “Mudmonkey” Boses, inspired by Designer Toys, has created the “TerraNauts” – Terra meaning ‘from the ground or earth’ and Nauts meaning ‘explorers.’ Currently being funded on Kickstarter, each TerraNaut is a unique handmade clay figure — with absolutely no molds used in the creation — that stands between 3- and 5-inches tall. Pictured in the above video are a variety of prototype TerraNauts, as well as the fantastic Small and Large Stage Add-ons for display, which certainly give the idea of what these’ll look like. I really like the simply and strange style of these figures, so please check out the Kickstarter campaign now and maybe help Mr. Boses achieve his goal! http://dlvr.it/5WwLWZ

SNEAK PEEKS! Sket-One × Mighty Jaxx’s “Dripple” designs by TOUMA, Shane Jessup & Tristan Eaton!

NEW POST: In anticipation of today’s launch of the "Dripple, Series 1" Kickstarter campaign, which will fund the first artist series of these figures designed by Sket-One and produced by Mighty Jaxx, a couple of magnificent teasers have been leaked… Like the above size comparison picture of a 3-inch Dunny next to the prototype of TOUMA's “Dripple,” which seems to stand upwards of 4-inches tall! Below are the 3D printed prototypes of the unique body sculpts for Shane Jessup and Tristan Eaton's “Dripple” variations, each artist giving Sket's base form their own unique spin. Can't wait to see more of these shown off in the aftermath of the Kickstarter campaign going live…

Kyle Kirwan × Pretty in Plastic’s Whoppingly Tall “Willo” Rotocast Resin Sculpture on Kickstarter!

NEW POST: Brooklyn-based artist Kyle Kirwan, who I’m continuing to enjoy the work and world creation of, is taking his unique brand of creatures to Kickstarter in an effort to create the “Willo” beasts. As you might be wondering, what are these wondrous wildlife?
Willo is a type of creature found throughout the world of Dor. They are found in a variety of colors from pale pink to black. There are many legends and superstitions surrounding the different types of Willos. For instance glimpsing an all black Willo means someone will die, but a pink Willo brings good luck! Willos are docile creatures ranging from five to six feet tall with curly fur and antlers. They live in every corner of Dor but are timid and shy and uncommonly seen.These sculptural pieces stand 11-inches tall and will rotocast in resin by the immaculate dreamcrafters at Pretty in Plastic! It’s currently available through a Kickstarter campaign and will run you only $65 apiece!