@squidkidsink’s “Mini 10-Doh! Series 2” Kickstarter campaign!

NEW POST: @squidkidsink's “Mini 10-Doh! Series 2” is close to being a reality, but 10-Doh! mastermind Nate Mitchell can only afford half of the production cost personally… solution, reach out to the fans through Kickstarter! With some great reward tiers, I wanna see this amazing series come about. I mean, look at the talent involved in it: Riccardo Bucchioni, @GaryGepetto, Honi Koni, David Horvath, @hydro74, @kaNO, LindaPanda, Nathan Hamill, Nate Mitchell, Andy Poon, Ragnar, @shawnimals , valleyDweller and Drew Wise! 14 artists and 16 designs! Heck, just back their Kickstarter campaign for $10 and get a blind box from Series 2 shipped to you! http://dlvr.it/35RPHJ