@GaryGepetto x Flat Bonnie - “Flat Wooper Looper” limited edition plush figure!!!

NEW POST: Flatties are taking over the world!!! As last week saw the release of our very own ‘FlatStroll'… and now artist @GaryGepetto just announced that he teamed up with Flat Bonnie as well to produce a limited run of Wooper Looper’s in that adorable ‘Flat’ style. Introducing “Flat Wooper Looper” a hand made plush figure that features hand-stitching and a ton of TLC in the form of Gary’s rad WL figure! These are set to release around Easter time… and although we don’t have an exact date, quantity, or price, these are sure to be a hit. More details soon. http://dlvr.it/2x8P0B

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