Scott Tolleson’s “Cousin Argh” custom Qee

Today we are sharing with you yet another awesome custom Qee that was on display at the Toy2R NYC♥QEE Toy Fair Preview Party at Yoyamart, and my goodness does this look good! Titled “Cousin Argh”, and on a classic Toyer platform, Scott Tolleson keeps on rocking the argyle sweaters, and rad color schemes with this super ‘production like’ custom Qee. Do yourself a favor and click on the above picture to make it bigger and look at the detail… Scott has an uncanny knack for detail, and it shows in this piece. I asked Scott how he creates these and he said “Lots of thin coats of paint to help eliminate brush strokes and tiny brushes…. I use Cel-Vinyl, always." Good to know… and keep up the stellar work man!
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