@jonpaulkaiser’s Stormtrooper meets Eastern culture custom Coarse Toys’s Paw!

NEW POST: Created as a privately commissioned piece of art, @jonpaulkaiser's pictured custom is a Star Wars inspired work as re-envisioned through an Eastern aesthetic. Beginning with a base of Coarse's Paw! figure, Kaiser sculpted a Stormtrooper-esque helmet on the head and then carefully accentuated the form with large scale tattoos. Captured perfectly on film by photographer Justin Allfree, Kaiser’s custom work continues to impress and take one’s breath away… each and every time.

A ward against worries: Taylored Curiosities’s “Worry Beans” resin anxiety relievers!

NEW POST: Penny Taylor (aka Taylored Curiosities) tends to explore creating art toys that address anxiety issues, a theme she maintains with her new “Worry Beans” pieces. These Autumnally inspired, acorn cap adorned sets each come with a full-size 1½-inch tall Worry Bean, which is painted with an ‘aged’ effect that insures no two are alike, and a diminutive version called a Worry Beanlet, which isn’t quite big enough for its hat. In addition to these completely hand-sculpted pieces, you’ll also receive instructions on how your Worry Bean may help you worry less, stickets, and a pin, all gift wrapped and awaiting presentation to someone you might be concerned worries too much. These are available for £6.50 (approx. $10.50) apiece in Taylored Curiosities’s online shop right now, in either brown or green colors (your choice). http://dlvr.it/7HMhTq

Vannen × Skybound Entertainment’s “The Walking Dead: Horde II” special edition watch!

NEW POST: Last year, Vannen partnered with Skybound Entertainment and released a very special edition The Walking Dead watch titled “Horde,” which sold out quickly at @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC and was never available outside the con. To celebrate the fifth fantastic season of the television show on AMC, the “Horde II” watch has been released! Featuring TWD comic book artist Charlie Adlard’s artwork, this reissue of the original watch is the same in every detail except it lacks the glow-in-the-dark elements and hand-numbered packaging. Meant to be more of a ‘mass release,’ this watch is still limited though offered for the very fan-friendly price of $60 apiece. Head on over to the @vannenwatches’s online shop to snag yours before these disappear too! http://dlvr.it/7HLZs9

@DesignerCon 2014 exclusive “Rosewood Monkey” Kung Fu Pocket Master resin figure from Hyperactive Monkey!!!

NEW POST: Coming from the super secret Hyperactive Monkey Shaolin Temple is the 2014 @DesignerCon exclusive, “Rosewood Monkey” Kung Fu Pocket Master. This limited edition of just 40 pieces stands 3” tall and features a magnificent simulated rosewood paint scheme. It also comes packaged in a woodblock printed linen bag… you get the full package deal here!!! They will be up for grabs at the Hyperactive Monkey booth #323 all weekend for $45 each, so go snag one while you are at the con! http://dlvr.it/7H7TvM

“Despair” rubber mini figure from Adam Quesnell… in various new colorways!!!

NEW POST: Originally teased a few weeks back HERE we can now bring you full release details of the debut figure from comedian and avid toy collector Adam Quesnell… Behold, DESPAIR! Created to celebrate the recent release of his album “Can We Afford This Much Despair?” on Stand Up! Records, Adam has teamed up with illustrator Terence Brown II, October Toys, and our very own Tru:Tek of the Disart Toylabs to bring you the 3″ rubber toy of your saddest nightmares…

Standing at around 3″ of 100% UV resistant rubber, the super squishy figure was designed by Terrance and sculpted by the OT team, coming cast in a multitude of colors and finishes by Tru:Tek, including; Marbled Orange/Blue (ltd 20), Stealth (ltd 10), GiD (ltd 10), Neon Green (ltd 20), Neon Purple, (ltd 20), Neon Orange (ltd 20), Hot Pink (ltd 20), Flesh (ltd 20), Red (ltd 15) and Blue (ltd 20). Touching down in the newly opened FAQ Comedy store on Halloween night (10/31) at 6.66pm CDT, Despair will be up for grabs “open bag” style, coming packed with a download code for the album at just $25 each plus shipping… But that’s not all! On top of the many, many different colorways on offer from day one, Adam has also teamed up with Stand Up! to provide the label with their own exclusive releases. First up we’re promised a red/black marble with a super-limited clear blue to follow shortly after- expect more details on both of those soon!

Source [Man-E-Toys PRESS] http://dlvr.it/7H6p0G

Leecifer’s Great PickleBaby aka “Halloween” PickleBaby + Interview!!!

NEW POST: The witching hour is upon us… and Leecifer is in full Halloween mode. That being said, he is set to release a brand new batch of sofubi PickleBaby’s, and this batch is taking on a life of their own! Introducing the Great PickleBaby aka “Halloween” PickleBaby!!! Releasing HERE on Friday, October 24th at around 12Noon’ish PST for just $60 a pop, you can get your very own black/orange swirl “Halloween” PickleBaby. Want to know more… well, we sat down with Leecifer and asked him a few questions about this release… please, read on!

Ten Questions About The Great PickleBaby (AKA Halloween PickleBaby 2014)

SS - What’s the story behind The Great PickleBaby?
Lcfr - Linus and Charlie Brown from the great Charles Shultz! I love Halloween and year after year, since I was a lil’ kid, poor ol Carlie Brown gets the shit kicked outta’ him by my favorite holiday. Too many eyes in the ghost sheet, rocks instead of candy, best friend’s the nutter in the pumpkin patch etc etc. I figured a good Halloween hug from your friendly neighborhood space alien might just cheer him and Linus up. Then I figured I should hold open adoptions and give a bunch of people a chance at a Halloween PickleBaby Hug!!!

SS - Cool! So a “bunch of people”? Just how many Halloween PickleBabys are there?
Lcfr - This release is limited to about a “box of puppies”!!!
SS - Huh?
Lcfr - Well mabbe’ a few more or less! See the photo? Looks just like a box of puppies!!!! Cute as hell right? W/ out all that poop covered newsprint and empty beer bottles!
SS - Beer bottles?
Lcfr - Yeah, PB’s are very responsible recyclers. Puppies get drunk and crap all over the newspaper and then leave the whole mess on the kitchen floor! Picklebabys LOVE good beer and recycling!!!
SS - Size?
Lcfr - He’s a little less than a banana tall, but bigger than a beer - which is a tad taller than a @MrScottTolleson’ super secret gold DeadBeet, which in turn is a smidge taller than Brandt Peter’s amazing “Pierrot” Stingy Jack. Those three can throw a HELL of a party w/ just a banana and a beer!!
SS - Pierrot the French Mime!
Lcfr - I though it was sparkling water?!?

SS - Ok, so moving along… Let’s try color selection and perhaps manufacturing material?
Lcfr - Black and orange Halloween colored all swirled and marbled in vinyl by those mysterious genius space aliens living under Japan. That’s where the highest quality sofubi comes from!!!
SS - Black and orange marbled vinyl. Very nice. The rest of that…
Lcfr - Why do you think the technology is so good there!?!
SS - Space Aliens?
Lcfr - Space Aliens!!!!
SS - Historically your space alien has been gobbled up before the wider world knows about it. What’s the deal? Is it a like a “Bill Hicks UFO Tour”? Which, like UFOs, they only appear in small out of the way towns in front of a handful of drunken locals?
Lcfr - Well the first few releases were exploratory scouts - random sightings. I still drop some of the older ones on the site from time to time. However there’ll be more sightings and close encounters as we work our way up to full on PickleBaby INVASION!!! #PBInvasion Even now there are plenty of huggy lil’ dudes in the works w/ lots of cool toy retailer/site specific exclusives coming and more being added (those that need it please hit me up if you want specific participation info - leecifer@leecifer.com). More general public release info soon!!! SS - Where and when can people find THIS space alien?
Lcfr - http://houseofleecifer.bigcartel.com It’s closed right now, but come this Friday October 24th - say around “noonish”, it’ll be chock full of The GREAT PICKLEBABY!!!! I’ll dump a few more in off and on until Halloween so everyone gets a chance. So if it say’s “sold out” try back again later.

SS - Price?
Lcfr - $60 plus tax and shipping.

Lcfr - Was that like 10 questions?
SS - Close enough!! Thanks Leecifer and we’re outty!!!! http://dlvr.it/7H5ryb

Jason Freeny × @MightyJaxx - “Dissected Gingerbread Man” Christmas Tree Ornaments!

NEW POST: The previously announced “Dissected Gingerbread Man” Christmas tree ornaments/wall hangings designed by Jason Freeny and produced by @MightyJaxx are set to release this weekend - Saturday, October 25th at 7pm PST! These fully painted 6-inch tall pieces will be limited and able to hang on walls as well as trees. And, best of all, these ABS collectibles will be only $20 apiece… oh, and there will be a blank DIY version for just $15 a pop! So awesome!!! http://dlvr.it/7H4tzS

MAD is having one ROYAL of a sale!!!

NEW POST: It’s been 29 years since the KC Royals have been to the World Series! Tonight is game 1, and to celebrate, Kansas City based artist Jeremy “MAD" Madl is offering up 29% off your entire order via his webshop HERE for as long as the World Series lasts. All you need to do is enter coupon code RoyalKC at checkout to watch your discount be applied! Happy shopping!!! http://dlvr.it/7H3xkR

"Gloomy Gummy Keiko: You’re Expired" pre-order from Fool Paradise!

NEW POST: "Gloomy Gummy Keiko: You’re Expired" is a the second release of this new figure from the folks over at Fools Paradise which made it’s debut at Taipei Toy Festival this year! This particular monochromatic colorway is a JP Toys Exclusive and it’s up for pre-order right now!!! Limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, and 50 pieces are allocated to online sales, this figure features an awesome 5.9” tall transparent PVC “Bear” outer case that encapsulates a handcrafted resin 5.7” tall “Keiko” figure… so rad! These are up for pre-order HERE right now for just $239 a pop, and that includes shipping. Look for these to ship in November, 2014! http://dlvr.it/7H32YR

Arkiv x Visual Ark - MICKIV vinyl “Coma White” edition announced!!!

NEW POST: Hot off the heels of his now sold out “Classic Grey” edition of his brand new “MICKIV” vinyl figure, Arkiv Vilmansa is excited to announce the release of the “Coma White” edition! Releasing on Saturday, October 25th at 8am PST, these stunning looking figures are produced by Taiwanese based toy company VISUAL ARK! Standing 8” tall, this specific version is limited to 200 pieces and will be $100 a pop which includes FREE shipping worldwide! Want the next vinyl figure from Arkiv to match your other figures… this is it! Head on over HERE at the above date and time to secure it for your collection! http://dlvr.it/7H2LqW

DKE Toys x 2bithack - @DesignerCon 2014 exclusive “SUCKAWS” resin figure release!!!

NEW POST: DKE Toys has just announced their next @DesignerCon 2014 exclusive… and it’s a mini “SUCKAWS” resin figure from 2bithack!!! These hand cast 2” S.U.C.K.L.E. bootleg figures are limited to just 100 pieces and will be up for grabs via booth #126 for $12 a pop! All figures come bagged with a custom made header card! http://dlvr.it/7H1LpL

Cameron Tiede’s new “Bricker” figure from his “Scrambled Wood” series releasing at @DesignerCon 2014!!!

NEW POST: NEXT!!! Today we are showing off the second new figure from artist Cameron Tiede as his ‘Wood Candy Workshop' company gears up for a special figure release at this years @DesignerCon 2014!!! Introducing “Bricker”… comprised of 4 different hard wood species: Walnut Cherry Maple and Padauk, all wood is naturally colored no dyes or stains, just oil and wax, and all the details are all inlayed. This 3” tall figure features 4 points of articulation (arms, head, and waist) and will be released during @DesignerCon via booth #110… but what you don't see, and what we can't share just yet, are what makes this figure VERY special! Stay tuned… http://dlvr.it/7H0GNs

@egan1977’s “Remember the Ghosts” solo exhibition at Lulubell Toy Bodega!

NEW POST: Featuring an assortment of brand new painted works, @egan1977's solo exhibition “Remember the Ghosts” is currently on display at Lulubell Toy Bodega (128 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201). Included in this exhibit are several hand-painted, one-off vinyl figures — particularly Egan’s own Bones, Winged Bones & Lucky — as well as hand-painted wooden coffins, Death Block sets, and nine new paintings! Having opened this past Friday, the show will remain on display until November 12th, 2014 and all available pieces can be purchased online HERE.

How is Retroband involved in the Critters remake, “Critters 3D,” we ask???

NEW POST: Well, it should be obvious… Aaron Moreno’s Retroband are creating limited edition ‘Krite’ action figures to help finance Nevermore Pictures's 3D remake of the 1986 cult classic Critters, titled Critters 3D. While most of the money for this film will be raised by Kickstarter, Retroband are part of a pre-campaign fundraiser, which will be available on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 at 10AM Pacific time in Retroband’s online shop. Obviously featuring artwork by frequent collaborator Gabriel Hernandez (Worthy Enemies), pictured above, this is a pre-order with pieces shipping within 2-3 weeks from pre-order. Hopefully we’ll get a reveal prior to the release! http://dlvr.it/7GyP14

P.P.Pudding × @super7store’s adorably robotic “‘Halloween’ Nut Chan” Japanese vinyl figures!

NEW POST: P.P.Pudding's 3-inch tall “Nut Chan” figure is being offered in a special “Halloween” colorway by @super7store in the near future. Cast in translucent orange soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi), these delicious Halloween treats have been finished with black sprays and painted details. Depicting an adorable robot, they will be available on October 30th, 2014 at 12 NOON Pacific time in @super7store’s online shop for only $25 apiece. http://dlvr.it/7GxGgZ