Wanna win something cool? Argonaut Resins’s Art Contest with Resin “Mini Tuttz” Prize!

NEW POST: The annual Tuttz art contest time is once again upon us, with Argonaut Resins generously giving away at least one 3½-inch tall resin “Mini Tuttz” figure to whoever owner Eric Nocella Diaz feels creates the best entry. And if you want to win this adorable kitty, all you have to do is download the template and use any materials you want to design your own Tuttz. You can enter as many times as you’d like before the August 31st, 2014 deadline and there might even be more than one prize awarded! http://dlvr.it/6SVZpl

ANNOUNCED?!? @kidrobot’s “Army of Snipers Dunny Series” with Angry Woebots, @JRYU, @lukechueh, @SketOne & more!

NEW POST: In what could be the ultimate ‘stumble across,’ we discovered a pre-order for an “Army of Snipers Dunny Series” from @kidrobot! Quite possibly the company’s end-of-the-year hyper series for 2014, there was absolutely no information in the pre-order aside from a case quantity size of 16, which confirms that it’ll be a 3-inch tall blind boxed series as opposed to a special edition release. For those not familiar with Army of Snipers, it is an international arts collective whose membership includes Angry Woebots, BiBi, Boosher, @JRYU, Mathew Curran, LEZA, @lukechueh, Peap Tarr, Pixel Pancho, Ritzy Periwinkle, @scribeswalk, Shane Jessup, Sheryo, Silent Stage, @SketOne, Tanja Jade, and THEY. While not all these artists would probably be called upon to design a Dunny for the series, there are certainly a lot of fresh voices in there that could be used!

[Announcement discovered in the PBM Express web shop.] http://dlvr.it/6SRrRL

ColorfulMonster × Kenth Toy Works’s “Zombitron” Japanese Vinyl Micro Editions!

NEW POST: The dual-sided “Zombitron” figure, which changes into a completely different monster with a simple 180˚ turn, gets two micro edition runs from AColorfulMonster Toys. The 5½-inch tall soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) piece, created in partnership with Kenth Toy Works, is unleashed in “Orange Metallo,” pictured above, and “Bruised & Bloody,” pictured below. Both versions of the piece with six points of articulation are limited to editions of 4 copies, meaning that their respective price points of $65 and $75 apiece are steals! Available now in AColorfulMonster Toys’s online shop.

PHOTO RECAP: October Toys’s Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (OMFG!) laden @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC Booth!

NEW POST: Our ‘man on the scene’ at San Diego Comic-Con, Spanky Stokes himself, decided to find out how many OMFG! figures could fit on one @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC Booth and, thankfully, October Toys's Booth #4951 had already done the work for him! Wow, what a brilliant looking spread! http://dlvr.it/6S8vTz

"Sherbert Day" custom Dunny series from MannyX!!!

NEW POST: Like colorful figures that are almost palpable?!?! Well, MannyX is set to release a series of “Sherbert Day” custom Dunny’s that were inspired by a really cool looking melting ice cream that he saw on the Venice Beach boardwalk. They will be sold as either singles for $30 each or as a 4 piece set for $90. They come in 4 different variants; Classic Rainbow, Venice Berry, Rottermelon (it glows), and Orange Vanilla (it glows too and only available in the set). They stand about 3” tall and come with a removable resin cone and will be bagged and tagged with header card. These are an open run pre-order with a 36hr window starting on Friday August 1st at 12Noon PST until August 3rd, they will be available HERE, so don’t miss out! http://dlvr.it/6S89Fy

PHOTO RECAP: Furry Feline Creatives’s Booth at @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC!

NEW POST: Our ‘man on the scene’ at San Diego Comic-Con, Spanky Stokes himself, swings by Furry Feline Creatives's @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC Booth #5149 to check out their plushy goodness… http://dlvr.it/6S7KSH

"Tiny Little Objects" – a figure exhibition by Dehara Yukinori at Giant Robot!

NEW POST: Japanese artist Dehara Yukinori’s latest work strays from his past of creating boxed original sculptures… and the folks over at Giant Robot are stoked to be hosting him once again on this show entitled “Tiny Little Objects”! Dehara’s latest entry into the figure world is minuscule versions of his art pieces. In what would be called a smart move to do something completely different from the years of sculpting paper clay and then packaged to appear like a toy figure, these pieces will have their freedom and at the same time be intimate. You’ll have to move in closer to see his objects… and in doing so discover many intricacies! On Sunday, August 3rd, Dehara will combine forces with illustration legend Terada Katsuya in a live demo featuring Japanese Yokai. Giant Robot is proud to present Dehara’s solo exhibition. Head on out to celebrate Tiny Little Objects at Giant Robot 2 on August 2nd from 6:30pm-10pm! http://dlvr.it/6S6RqQ

PHOTO RECAP: BeeFy & Co.’s Booth at @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC!

NEW POST: Filled with cuteness, our of Spanky Stokes couldn’t resist the siren song of adorableness emanating from BeeFy & Co.'s Booth #5646 at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Of course, why should he… we got some great photos out of it! http://dlvr.it/6S5Xk0

Tomenosuke Exclusive “Chrome Plated” Brainade from Emilio Garcia!

NEW POST: The folks over at Tomenosuke just sent word of a brand new exclusive that they got their hands on… and amazing looking “Chrome Plated” Brainade from Emilio Garcia!!! Measuring 3.5” tall and limited to just 8 pieces, this chrome plated version is the first of its kind, and will be up for grabs HERE on Wednesday, July 30th at 7pm PST! Look at that beauty shine!!! http://dlvr.it/6S4Xxj

PHOTO RECAP: Lazy Smash’s Evil Ice Cream Booth at @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC!

NEW POST: Our ‘man on the scene’ at San Diego Comic-Con, Mr. Spanky Stokes himself, swung by Lazy Smash's @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC Booth #5643 to check out the primarily plush creations of Kerry Horvath, sister of UglyDolls's co-creator David, and Darth Rimmer's Evil Ice Cream line! http://dlvr.it/6S3k6F

@3DRetro x Plasticgod - Nick Cave designer toys announced!!!

NEW POST: Have you ever wanted Nick Cave designer toys…. well, Plasticgod and the folks over at @3DRetro are going to make that happen! Releasing in late 2014, there will be 5 figures designed by Plasticgod based on some of Nick’s classic song titles. Some are obvious, some are not. There will be 100 of each design and will features special GID features as well as 10 super limited ones signed by Nick himself… 500 figures in total! More on this project in the coming months, but if you are a fan, this news is enough to tide you over until then! http://dlvr.it/6S2V21

The Return of the Super Booth: @GaryGepetto, @MrScottTolleson & Julie West at @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC!

NEW POST: The talented trio of @GaryGepetto, @MrScottTolleson, and Julie West once again joined forces and created a single super booth together at San Diego Comic-Con (#5139). And thankfully our ‘man on the scene,’ Spanky Stokes himself, captured the gorgeousness and brilliance of their collective output on film… http://dlvr.it/6S1Ds6

Pushead × Hirota Saigansho’s “Mecha Gorilla-ju” evolution… “Itamu” revealed at @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC!

NEW POST: Spotted on our good friends Vinyl Pulse's site, Pushead (pictured above) did a wonderfully theatrical style unveiling during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con at Toy Tokyo's Booth #5537… revealing his brand new collaboration with Hirota Saigansho, an evolution of company president Yasuaki Hirota’s “Mecha Gorilla-ju” sofubi figure, which Pushead hand-painted a limited number of for last year’s @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC. The 10½-inch tall “Mecha Gorilla-ju” is itself an evolution of “Gorilla-ju” (ゴリラ獣, literally Gorilla Beast), which was first released in 2009 and then had its robotic counterpart created in 2011. Pushead’s new rendition of the figure will be named “Itamu” (痛む), which Vinyl Pulse reports means “Damaged,” and the full body design will be sculpted by Hirota for casting in soft Japanese vinyl, as the head pictured already is. No word on if there will be an omake (accessories) with this release, though “Gorilla-ju” typically comes with a male and/or female native person omake and “Mecha Gorilla-ju” usually comes with a nuclear missile and, rarely, a banzai soldier.

[Images and some information courtesy of Vinyl Pulse’s blog.] http://dlvr.it/6RyzFb

PHOTO RECAP: @OtaNathan & Bob Dob’s Releases & Signing at @3DRetro’s @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC Booth!

NEW POST: Bob Dob & @OtaNathan shared the @3DRetro Booth at San Diego Comic-Con (#5049), each releasing and signing their own piece through the producer. Thankfully our own Spanky Stokes was there, camera in hand, to capture this unlikely duo. http://dlvr.it/6RjGVQ

PHOTO RECAP: BAIT’s goodie laden @SD_Comic_Con & #SDCC Booth with TONS of sweet vinyl figures!

NEW POST: Who can resist a massive Rocket Raccoon display? Especially with Guardians of the Galaxy fever being at an all time high, this massive and stylized rendition of the character was surely a perfect attraction to most passers-by… a very smart move by BAIT for their San Diego Comic-Con Booth (#4949). Of course, one big figure just attracts attention, you’ve got to have the reasonable priced & still stunning goods to really keep the people and BAIT had ‘em in spades, my personal favorites being the assortment of Creature from the Black Lagoon figures! Which one(s) catch your eye the most? http://dlvr.it/6RgjlY