"The Bard’s Assistant" custom Sketchbot by Mr The Sanders!

NEW POST: To be, or not to be… that’s the real question!!! Check out this rad custom Sketchbot created by Mr The Sanders for the previously announced VTN ‘Bottleneck Gallery' show. Built on a vinyl Sketchbot using sculpy, found objects, metallic surface treatment and a touch acrylic paint, this once 6” tall figure now stand 10” tall and has 360 degree rotation to switch between (2B or not 2B action) Comedy or Tragedy. Accessories include: a cobalt ink well, writing quill and Yorick's skull. This piece is on display at Bottleneck through the 27th and can be picked up online HERE right now! http://dlvr.it/5TqnjM

PO! (AKA Patricio Oliver) wants to bring his “Tenebrae” universe to book form!!!

NEW POST: I love books, especially ones that really capture the vibe of the designer toy scene… a source of inspiration that you can always turn to and flip through. That being said, artist Patricio Oliver aka PO! is compiling an artbook that compiles character and toy design, concept sketches, prototypes, samples, exhibitions, products and bios of the characters in the fantasy world he’s been creating for 8 years now called “The Tenebrae”… and he needs your help to make this a reality! This crowdfunding effort has multiple layers of rewards… all of which fit every budget. So if you want to see this amazing piece come to life, head on over HERE right now! http://dlvr.it/5TqC3X

"Mangla" custom 3" Android from WuzOne!

NEW POST: WuzOne shares with us today his latest commission… a custom 3” Android he is calling “Mangla”! This awesome looking hand painted vinyl figure features a robust pallet of colors and shaped… and yes, even though it looks like they are decals, this is 100% hand painted with spray paint, acrylics, markers and topped off with a nice matte varnish. I could look at this all day long! http://dlvr.it/5TpNqf

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt x Marka27 - “Minigod Egg” with full functioning Blue Tooth speaker!!!

NEW POST: This year, Marka27 had the honor and pleasure of participating in “The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt: New York” alongside 260 incredible leading artists, designers, architects and photographers from all over the world… and yes… he customized a MASSIVE 3 foot tall, one-of-a-kind egg!!! As you can see, Marka’s styles shines on this curved surface. According to Marka, these pieces were scattered across the 5 boroughs of NYC… with his lucky egg dubbed the “Minigod Egg” (hand painted with acrylics, spraypaint, and features a full functioning Blue Tooth speaker, embellished with gold and black studs) landed in Chinatown’s famous Nom Wah Tea Parlor. This is up for auction HERE right now with the money going to benefit two worthy causes: Studio in a School and Elephant Family! http://dlvr.it/5TnXVS

Nerd City is bringing the PAIN to C2E2… and that’s a good thing!!!

NEW POST: Nerd City is set to celebrate the spirit of indie toy and art madness this weekend at C2E2 (April 25-27th in Chicago). They’ll be at booth #750 in The Block and will play host to many special guest artists, including The Godbeast, ManOrMonster? Studios, Alexis Ziritt, Ben Spencer, True Cast Studio, Fantastic Plastic Toys, Battle Babies, The Mark Ultra, Toyfinity, JB Roe, Jimbot and Sandtastic Toys and Art. Their booth will feature a selection of prints, zines, comics and one off toy pieces from each of their guests, as well as a lineup of toys from their favorite artists from around the world… this booth is a must if you are going to the convention!!! For even more gory details on all of the NC 2014 C2E2 releases, check out their official mini blog HERE! http://dlvr.it/5Tmhrf

Introducing Idol Threat Toys… straight outta Kansas City!

NEW POST: Bryan Lloyd from Idol Threat Toys shares with us today some of his creations for an upcoming release party hosted by Kultured Chameleon in Kansas City, MO.! These hand sculpted, resin cast mini figures stand just 2” tall, and look pretty cool! I personally would like to see just a little more time put into the paint on each of these as I think the sculpt is nice, the paint feels a bit rushed… regardless, Bryan is new to the custom game, so I look forward to watching his progression! Head on out to the event on May 2nd from 6pm-11pm to snag some of theses up, meet Bryan, and hang out with like minded collectors! http://dlvr.it/5TmhnF

Ratios leaked for… David Flores × BlackBook Toy’s “S.M.I.L.E” blind boxed sofubi figures!

NEW POST: An acronym for “Sorry Man, I Like Everybody,” the forthcoming “S.M.I.L.E.” Japanese vinyl (sofubi) series designed by David Flores will be released in May 2014 by BlackBook Toy… but, in a previously unknown twist, the T9G sculpted piece will be a blind boxed release! Pictured above it the just leaked ratio guide, revealing the pieces to be…
Happy (1/8) | Sun (1/16) | Army (3/32) | Grayscale (3/32)
Water (1/16) | Horny (1/16) | Peachy (1/16) | Ninja (1/16)
Mr. GID (3/32) | Eternal (3/32) | Porno (1/8) | Psycho (1/16)
Bling Bling (??/??) http://dlvr.it/5TlqtM

Bruscolino’s “Slimy Illusions” zombified Dunny & Munny customs for Unmasked exhibition!

NEW POST: Oozing with a zombified, rotting corpse appearance, the newest sculptural works by Italian Outsider artist Marco “Bruscolino" Sgammotta are the debut works in the "Slimy Illusions" series. Premiering at the "Unmasked: Secret Identities and Hidden Desires" exhibition in New York, a duo of 3-inch tall Dunnys and a single 7-inch tall Munny have modified into true art brut toys, each a one-of-a-kind hand-made work. Available for $55 apiece and $180 respectively, these can be obtained now through the gallery’s website.

Unmasked: Secret Identities and Hidden Desires,” a Vinyl Thoughts curated group art show, will be on display until April 27th, 2014 at the Bottleneck Art Gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11249. Available pieces from the exhibition can be purchased online from HERE. http://dlvr.it/5Tkvtz

DaveMarkArt’s “My Mask Is My Shield” custom mounted Mini Munny for Unmasked exhibition!

NEW POST: Merging his normally monstrous designs with a mechanical menace feel, Davemarkart has created the “My Mask Is My Shield” custom 4-inch tall Mini Munny housed on a 9-inch by 8-inch wooden base. Pristinely sculpted and superbly painted, this brilliant looking one-of-a-kind work is part of the “Unmasked: Secret Identities and Hidden Desires" exhibition in New York, available now for $200 through the gallery’s website.

Unmasked: Secret Identities and Hidden Desires,” a Vinyl Thoughts curated group art show, will be on display until April 27th, 2014 at the Bottleneck Art Gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11249. Available pieces from the exhibition can be purchased online from HERE. http://dlvr.it/5Tk9wL

Don P tackles Jeremy Madl’s 8-inch Dunny with the “Tiki MAD Skull Clown” custom for @weareminty!

NEW POST: Using the Jeremy Madl designed “Zombie Robber” 8-inch tall Dunny as a base, artist Don P has customized this beautifully crafted “Tiki MAD Skull Clown” piece exclusively for @weareminty. Painted in gorgeous wash of brown and tan tones, the newly sculpted elements that Don P adds to the platform figure are stunningly executed! As most of this artist’s pieces for @weareminty have sold out rather quickly, we advice contacting info [at] @weareminty [dot] eu immediately to inquire about pricing and reserving this one-of-a-kind objet d’art. http://dlvr.it/5TjC5k

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore × @Skinner’s “Krawluss (Medicom Exclusive)” Japanese vinyl figures!

NEW POST: The massive 14-inch tall “Krawluss” collaboration from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (MVH) and @Skinner gets a brilliant painted edition exclusively from Medicom Toy. With a paint scheme designed by MVH’s Rich Montanari and applied to every one of the soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) figures by SHIRAHAMA, this is one release you won’t want to miss out on. Being sold lottery style, you have from now until Saturday, May 10th, 2014 to enter the drawing to win the chance to buy one of these beautiful ¥23760 (approx. $240) apiece figures; you can enter the lottery HERE and the winners will be selected on May 17th, 2014. http://dlvr.it/5Th9FZ

@lukechueh × @munkykingtoys × Pretty in Plastic - “Bitch” vinyl sculpture revealed!

NEW POST: Designed by @lukechueh and sculpted by Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic, the above photo is the full reveal of Luke’s piece entitle “Bitch”… and yes, even animals roleplay in their relationships! Set to be produced and released in vinyl by @munkykingtoys, it appears to show a pair of wolves caught in ‘the act’ with the one on top howling at the moon while the one on bottom seems to be wearing a sheep costume. Based off an original painting by Luke that he created back in 2007, this soon to be released art toy figure will most definitely turn the heads of folks browsing your vinyl collection at home. More info on this when we get it! http://dlvr.it/5TfyYb

COMING TODAY: Marko Manev × Mondo’s “Alien” prequel, “Prometheus,” movie poster print!

NEW POST: Adorned by the dark and gritty illustration work of Marko Manev, the powerhouse known as Mondo unleashes a movie poster screen print for the prequel to the “Alien” quadrilogy… ”Prometheus.” These 24”×36” silkscreened works are limited to editions of 310 hand-numbered pieces for $45 each. Bearing in mind that most Mondo prints sell out within minutes, the only way you’ll have a chance to snag one of these will be by following Mondo’s Twitter feed, as that is where they will announce when the piece is available in their web shop today (April 24th, 2014)! http://dlvr.it/5TdgHQ

Andrew Byham’s “The Shoulder Angels” custom resin figures for “Admirable Crichton!”

NEW POST: Customizing his own, previously announced “Admirable Crichton” resin figure, UK artist Andrew Byham has created this one-of-a-kind set entitled “The Shoulder Angels.” Clearly depicting the guidance giving angel and morally bankrupt devil that supposedly reside on everyone’s shoulder, whispering suggestions of actions in your ear, these carefully crafted pieces are available now in Byham’s online shop for £40 (approx. $67).

RESTORE’s fully painted & beautiful “Eternal Cloud (Chi-Long Edition)” sofubi & resin figure!

NEW POST: The newest version of RESTORE's magnificent “Eternal Cloud” figure is being released in a brand new colorway exclusively from Medicom Toy, the “Chi-Long” — or Red Dragon — version! Beautifully painted in various shades of red with gold and blue elements to really stand out, this roughly 7-inch tall piece contains about about 15 different cast parts, including the shrine and horns which will be done in resin though the remainder of the figure will be soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi). These ¥12000 (approx. $120) apiece art toys will have an open pre-order period from now until May 31st, 2014, with finished pieces expected to be delivered in August 2014. You can order your copy from either HERE (if you live in Japan) or HERE (everywhere else in the world) now. http://dlvr.it/5TbJzF