COMING THURSDAY: Steak Mtn. × @vannenwatches’s “I Probably Hate You” limited edition artist watch!

NEW POST: Either the ultimate anti-social accessory or the best conversation starter ever, the Steak Mtn. designs “I Probably Hate You” artist watch has a face that literally states the watch’s title upon it! Originally released in black with white detailing, this negative version is the white color variant — white base with black detailing. Limited to an edition of only 50 pieces worldwide, these $65 apiece timepieces will be available on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 9AM Pacific time at select retailers and

Want to win South Park’s Complete 17th Season DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack from @kidrobot? Here’s how!

NEW POST: Do you want to win a copy of South Park's Complete 17th Season DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack? Starting today (September 16th, 2014), @kidrobot will giving away two copies of the combo pack a day for an undisclosed period of time. How do you win ‘em? Just recreate a specific scene from Season 17 (announced on @kidrobot’s Instagram feed daily) using any @kidrobot released South Park mini figures and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #@kidrobotSP17. Today’s scene is Cartman’s infamous Garden of Betrayal from the Stick of Truth trilogy (like the one above done by @kidrobot). Best of luck to those giving it a go… Winners will be announced the following day.

HealeyMade’s “Minute Man (Levantine Edition)” Marbled Resin Version AVAILABLE NOW!

NEW POST: With a bit of a cartoonish Arabian flare, David “HealeyMade" Healey’s "Minute Man" figure returns in a flaming hot looking "Levantine Edition!" This 4¼-inch tall marbled resin release is available now in HealeyMade’s online shop for $30 apiece!

FOR SALE RIGHT NOW: @umetoys’s monstrously cool “Poxpop” original sculpture!

NEW POST: In a rare turn of events, this completely original sculptural piece by Rich “@umetoys" Page has been released and is still available! Titled "Poxpop," this figure is "a monsterly sitched together sick piece of candy which some poor soul has bitten a chunk from including his left arm." This completely unique, one-of-a-kind original sculpt stands 4½-inches tall to his head… roughly 8-inches tall to top of the stick! Painted in pop blue with matte and gloss varnishes, this objet d’art is available now in @umetoys online shop for only £97 (approx. $157).

NagNagNag × Ilu Ilu’s “Dobuonna” & “Bootleg Kaiju” figures lottery at Мишка Tokyo RIGHT NOW!

NEW POST: In an unexpected turn of events, the previously announced “Dobuonna” collaboration between Ilu Ilu and Shigeru Arai of NagNagNag wasn’t the only thing the pair did… and their are copies available online by lottery from Mishka Toyko as well! Pictured above is the “Nag Bootleg Kaiju” — featuring a Nagball head on the figure’s body as well as painted versions of the two normal heads — and pictured below is an unpainted mixed parts “Bootleg Kaiju” release. To enter the lottery to be able to buy either of these and/or the “Dobuonna” (which comes with NZOMBIE parts as well), e-mail to following to mishka [at] calquinto [dot] jp by 8AM today (September 16th, 2014):
(1) Postal Code
(2) Mailing Address
(3) Telephone Number
(4) Name
(5) Which you want: A (Dobuonna), B (Bootleg Kaiju), and/or C (Nag Bootleg Kaiju)
You can choose all three items if you want the possibility be able to buy all three. Payments will only be by bank transfer, with an additional ¥540 (approx. $5) for shipping. The price per piece is Dobuonna at ¥54,000 (approx. $504), Nag Bootleg Kaiju at ¥43,200 (approx. $403), and Unpainted Mixed Parts Bootleg Kaiju for ¥21,600 (approx. $202).

Plastik Schmack! group art show hosted by Streets of Beige!!!

NEW POST: The guys over at Streets of Beige are back with another awesome group art show… and this go around, instead of it being just an online event, it’s an actual physical event you ALL can attend! Entitled ‘Plastik Schmack!, this show will feature artists: Daniel Sparkes aka MUDWIG, Ashmadethis, 45RPM, Ermsy, Chad Woodward, Mick Minogue, Listen04, Will Laren, Mr. Flurry, ROTWANG, Bernard Rollins, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Jack Teagle, Jack West-Oram, Michele Guidarini, Mr. Four Fingers, Dan Shearn, Super Future Kid, Tom Deason, Chris Malbon aka MELBS, Patch Plummer, Bob Motown, Josh Ln, Andrew Richmond, WOLFMASK, Sam Cookson Probably and Ink-On-Skin… a giant lineup, and the majority of the artists involved are predominantly known for their 2D drawing work, thus this brief pushing them way outside their existing comfort zones. Opening on Friday September 19th at 7:30pm BST - those of you located in the UK (address in the flyer) have got to swing by to check this out… it’s going to be a doozie!

"You Missed a Spot" custom Dunny by Wicked Skinny Studio!!!

NEW POST: @ArtWhino’s 5th annual month long G40 Art Summit just launched this past weekend, and Jeremy Regan of Wicked Skinny Studio completed an awesome custom 8” @kidrobot Dunny for this event… and above, you can see the result! Entitled “You Missed a Spot”, this figure is a dual sided Dunny modified using oven bake clay, inks, acrylics, and glow in the dark paint. With one point of articulation at the neck, this piece can be displayed up to 4 different ways to change its expression, day or night. It also includes a modified @frankkozik Monger and vinyl eggshell remains that help explain how this little guy got so messy… so awesome! Want to see more from Jeremy, hit up his Facebook or Instagram!

Toy Art Galery 2014 Anniversary Show featuting Vertebrata… now online!

NEW POST: @ToyArtGallery launched their 2014 Anniversary Show this past weekend, and for their fifth year in existence, they celebrated with over 40 artists creating amazing custom figures from @paulkaiju and Blobpus’ “Vertebrata” sofubi figure! The TAG Anniversary Show featured the following artists: Anthony Ausgang, Blobpus, Bob Conge/Plaseebo, Brent Nolasco, Brian Flynn, Cop-A-Squat Toys, Deeten, Devils Headquarters, D-lux, Eckotyper, Ferg, Grizlli Atom, Hellopike, Jeremi Rimel, Johan Ulrich, @jonpaulkaiser, Josh Herbolsheimer, Justin Bua, Kenth Toy Works, Kris Kuksi, @LamourSupreme , Martin Ontiveros, MM Toys, @monstresean, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, @paulkaiju, Rampage Toys, RISK, Ron English, Scarecrowoven, SexualYoukai, Shirahama, Skull Toys, Splurrt, T9G, TKOM, Toshikazu Nozaka, Touma, Usugrow, Velocitron, and Yamomark… some serious talent, that’s for sure! As you can see from the above photos, the paint applications on this mutated femme fatal are endless… and the remainder of the figures from the opening are up for grabs HERE right now… so go now, snag up these beauties!!!

Max Toy Company, @umetoys, Kong Andri, Javier Jimenez and more exclusives for POPCON Asia!

NEW POST: As ToyKultur prepares for the upcoming POPCON Asia convention in Indonesia, they unveil what their Booth AAH-2 will be loaded with…

@umetoys’s “Geekwok” for $55
(edition of 5 at con, plus 5 on UME’s online shop)

Max Toy Company’s “Mini Negora with Fish” for $70
(edition of 10)

Candie Bolton’s “Kitsura” for $60
(edition of 5)

GTLTT’s “Popsie Dunny” for $50
(edition of 5)

UnaffiliatedSJ’s “Dunzilla” for $50
(edition of 5)

Kong Andri’s “Mr. Shine Dunny” for $55
(edition of 5)

Mystery figure lottery
info at the booth
(edition of ??)

Mystery Dunny release
info at the booth
(edition of ??)

Paulus Hyu’s “Sleepwalker” pewter ring (information forthcoming)

Javier Jimenez’s “Wananeko” for $75
(edition of 5)

NagNagNag × Ilu Ilu’s “Dobuonna” figures released at Мишка Tokyo this past weekend!

NEW POST: Made by mashing parts from two Ilu Ilu figures together — the head from “Meteor Pepy” and body from “Vinydum” — these “Dobuonna” pieces were exclusively released at Mishka Toyko (3-28-5 Jingumae Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 150-0001) this past weekend. Apparently limited to 5 unique pieces, each hand-painted by Shigeru Arai of NagNagNag fame, they look to be roughly 5- to 6-inches tall. We’re sad that we weren’t able to be there for this release, of course, but are hopeful that Мишка and Arai might do something similar for @NY_Comic_Con this year.

James Groman × Lulubell Toy Bodega’s “Rotten Rexx (Ultimate Color Edition)” vinyl undead dinosaur pre-order!

NEW POST: Almost a full year after its debut appearance at @NY_Comic_Con 2013, James Groman's huge 13-inch tall “Rotten Rexx” soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) figure is being released in its first full painted run. Based on the paint design Groman himself did for the “Ultimate Rexx” custom, which had been spotted at Lulubell Toy Bodega's @DesignerCon 2013 booth, this piece is cast on black vinyl with layer-upon-layer of green, red and bone colored sprays and hand brushed detailing. Available now for a three week limited pre-order, these pieces will be made to order and won't ship until the end of the year. Snag yours now in Lulubell’s online shop for only $200 plus shipping!

@Skinner × @togetherplus Industries’s “Lolgolth Gnazgoroth, the Illuminated Horror” vinyl figure for MondoCon!

NEW POST: It seems that @togetherplus Industries is full steam ahead, having approved the recently revealed test pull of @Skinner's “Lolgolth Gnazgoroth, the Illuminated Horror” and going immediately into a small run production. Loaded with details that can't quite be captured in these unpainted versions, these fantastic vinyl figures will make their debut at MondoCon in Texas. Quite possibly one of the most impressive vinyl figures you’re likely to ever see, these are going to be pretty much must owns for every art toy fan!

Rejoice! It’s finally happened… RxSeven’s original art toy, “Shivers the Skeleton,” is coming soon!

NEW POST: One of my favorite ‘lesser known’ customizers is Texas-based artist RxSeven, who I’ve long thought would do an amazing original art toy… and, it seems, he finally has! From what we can tell, this figure is name “Shivers the Skeleton” and stands roughly 3- to 4-inches tall. Cast in resin by the artist, we’re told that RxSeven will be “launching my revamped website in the next week or so with these guys in the webstore!” We absolutely can’t wait to find out more!

Toy Terror’s “Cannibal Holocaust Toyconosaurus” custom ToyCon UK mascot figure!

NEW POST: T-Con, the dinosaur mascot of ToyCon UK, has been customized into this “Cannibal Holocaust Toyconosaurus” by Toy Terror. Inspired by the film Cannibal Holocaust, which was the first found footage horror movie, this T-Con fits perfectly into the world of the cannibal Amazon tribe depicted within the Italian production. The artist did a fantastic job creating the feel in this one-of-a-kind piece, and as he de@scribeswalks:
First and foremost for the skin and skeleton, I wanted to capture the smokey, ash blue that the tribesmen are smothered in and take it up a notch. This is complimented with a tribal headdress created from unwoven thread, that’s been dyed with a mixture of paint, ink and tea. Around the neck of the T-con is a trophy necklace comprising of two-dozen individually sculpted and hand-painted human skulls. For a movie like this, how can I ignore the gore and guts?! And as instructed, I went to town on tearing open the T-Con to expose the gruesome insides, flesh and bone! A true gorefest!The film’s tagline was “The One That Goes All The Way” and, much like that sentiment, I think we can agree this custom also goes all the way! This was a commissioned work for a private collector, and as such is not available for purchase, though we’re informed that Toy Terror is accepting new people to his commission list currently. If you’re interested, please contact the artist directly with your requests.

John Kenn Mortensen × @togetherplus Industries’s The Three Witches to be a Halloween release in vinyl!

NEW POST: Macabre artist John Kenn Mortensen has had one of his illustrations (above) transformed into a sculpture (far above), which @togetherplus Industries is racing to produce in vinyl for a Halloween release. With the largest witch standing roughly 9½-inches tall, these prototypes are already in the wax stage and prepared to have the mold made for actual vinyl pulling! I love Mortensen’s Edward Gorey meets classic Fairy Tales feel, so to see this trio of pieces released will be superb!